Frequently Asked Questions

What ships with my OAK order?
The box with mounting hardware and gasket, instructional guide in English and Spanish, rescue breathing barrier device, and resource cards.

Who can order an OAK?
Anyone can place an order for an OAK.

How do I install my OAK?
Each OAK ships with detailed installation instructions and hardware.

Where should I install my OAK?
Place the OAK in an indoor space that is easily accessible so the Narcan inside can be retrieved as quickly as possible in an emergency. Ensure that the OAK is accessible to all people and highly visible with clear sightlines. Never place an OAK in a locked or out-of-sight area.

How do I refill the supplies in my OAK, such as resource cards and the rescue breathing device?
Individual refills and bundles can be purchased by visiting the Refill an OAK tab, or visit the entire collection page.

What if my OAK arrives damage or is missing some of the components?
If your OAK arrives damaged, defective, or missing pieces, please contact us at 

What is the return policy?
All sales are final, unless the OAK arrives damaged.

What are the sizes of each part of the OAK?
Metal Box: 11-7/8" W x 11-7/8" H x 5" D
Breathing Mask: 2" W x 3 1/4" H
Rescue Instructions: 4" W x 7" H
Help Is Available Cards: 3.5" W x 2" H

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